One of the most common conditions affecting a shoulder is rotator cuff pain due to rotator cuff injury (tear or tendinitis). Another name for rotator cuff tendonitis is shoulder impingement or inflammation of small muscles in the shoulder due to overuse or arthritic changes in patients shoulder due to age. Physical therapy is considered to be the best method to decrease pain and increase function in the case of rotator cuff tendonitis.

In the case of rotator cuff tear, patient might require a muscle repair surgery. Physical therapist is an essential member of the team, who has the necessary skills to properly rehabilitate a patient for the surgery to be a success. Some of the common techniques that a physical therapist will administer are gentle stretching to post-surgical shoulder, rotator cuff exercises, therapeutic massage, electrical stimulation, ice treatment.

Another joint in our body that is commonly injured is a knee joint. Knee is a complex joint that has 4 ligaments, a shock absorbing cartilage, called meniscus, and a knee cap where muscles attach to allow us to produce high force during activities like running. Knee is a load bearing joint and not meant for twisting – this is the reason why injuries to the knee joint are so common. Physical therapy is a solution to many causes of knee pain. Physical therapist is an expert in rehabilitation of a painful knee. Physical therapist can address a knee joint dysfunction by carefully crafting an exercise program to improve muscle imbalance and by using physical therapy modalities to decrease inflammation and decrease pain. It is a good medical practice to recommend physical therapy first before any surgery is considered.

At Light Touch Rehabilitation our therapists have years of experience rehabilitating patients with conditions from rotator cuff injury to chondromalacia of patella.