Back in the old days physicians prescribed only ice/compression and elevation for all athletic injuries. We now know that early movement heals injuries faster and physical therapist is the professional who is trained and qualified best to speed up this recovery.

Physical therapy can help an injured athlete or a weekend warrior get back in a game. Our practitioners will work closely with you at initial evaluation to break down a sports specific movement into movement patterns and associated muscles that need to be strengthened in order for your injury to heal faster as well as for that injury to be prevented in the future.

Physical therapist at Light Touch realizes that an athlete requires a rehabilitation program that employs higher velocity and higher load sport specific activities.

Some common athletic injuries that are seen for physical therapy at our practice are:

  • › Basketball/Volleyball players – ankle sprains
  • › Golfers – Back and shoulder injuries
  • › Martial artists – hamstring strain
  • › Runners – Chondromalacia patella, patellar tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis
  • › Skiers/Snowboarders – knee, shoulder, thumb injuries
  • › Wrestlers – Rotator cuff injuries, Back injuries
  • › Skiers/Snowboarders – knee, shoulder, thumb injuries

Physical therapist at Light Touch Rehabilitation employs the latest manual techniques and therapeutic exercises to speed up your recovery and to prevent injury from occurring in the future.